Tuesday, September 20, 2011

10-10-10: Binary Code and a Nice Day As Well

I was going through my drafts, which is collection of crap I write and never get around to publishing, and came upon this little ditty.  Mostly, I wrote it in honor of the date, which makes it ironic to forget to publish it for a year.
October 10, 2010

Today, 10-10-10, which equals 42 in binary code, was what I consider to be a really great day.

First, I finally gave away my wedding dress. My friend Karla is an amazing seamstress and she loves used wedding gowns. She's waited almost six years for me to break my stone-cold, emotional grip on it.

What made me finally give it up was that another friend had a yard sale today. She was reluctant to let go of a few items, and I said "Look at it this way, you have to clear it out to get more". It inspired me to take my own advice and pass the wedding dress on to someone who would give it a new life.

Later this afternoon, RWC and I went to the local antique mall. While we were there, an old woman came up to us and asked if we had found her shopping bag. Inside the shopping bag was her purse, which she thought she had left sitting on a bench. I looked at RWC and asked "Do you mind if we look? This is just the kind of thing that charges my engine." RWC, who is always game for a psychic adventure, pointed the way towards the end of the aisle.

By now, the entire store was searching for the missing shopping bag. RWC and I get to the end of our aisle, and RWC starts to go right, and I say we should go left because it's somewhere at the end of these aisles. We go about 4 feet and RWC points to a stall on the left and says "There it is!" It was just so wonderful to hand it back to the woman, who was probably in her late seventies.

Then, this evening I talked to my friend Kevin, who is the only person I know that owns the same 20 year old car as I do. I've been having trouble with my tires, including a bent rim that needed to be replaced, and was looking at a good chunk of change that I didn't have. When I had left work on Friday, my back tire, not even the one with the bent rim, was totally flat.

RWC fixed it for me, but suddenly, I knew I had to get the tires fixed. With my budget, this has been sta-resssssing the hell out of me.  Turns out, Kevin has two extra tires, with rims, that he'll give me for free. Hey, that totally fits my budget.

In the end, it all came out even.  And so goes the universe...so there you have it.