Friday, November 20, 2009

"Just Remember, Guys Are Not Complicated"

me: Are you awake?
Zen: I'm awake,
and YOU?
me: Yes, and kinda ick as well... I have issues, got time to chat?
Zen: Sure
me: OK, so here's the thing......
I'm dating a man who's just the sweetest thing ever....but.....there is one thing that bothers me. He has been separated from his wife for three years but still isn't divorced. I actually know her and she's a good girl, so it's not really about her,
and.....I'm not looking to get married, so it's not that either,
but....that breaks one of my most strictly held, can you pass this quiz, kind of rules. It's all in such sharp contrast, it makes me question my own criteria...perhaps rules really are made to be broken...... so...
If it doesn't really matter and I don't even know why I care, why does it annoy me?
Zen: 'Cuz it's a law?
me: Apparently, its legal to date while you're still married in the state of Ohio, nor is Ohio big on any other kind of binding arbitration.
Zen: What's the big deal, is he still sharing a house with her?
me: Nope, and they have no kids together...although he does have a step-daughter that he adores, and it makes me like him even more....
Zen: Maybe she just doesn't really understand him
me: Just hilarious Zen.....
Zen: Oh man there's still a lot of material there, you're not just going to quit on it are you?
me: no, actually, I'm not. but not because of whatever it is you're referring to
Zen: It's a triangle! Damn, I never knew he was juggling you and an Ex
or should I type "Ex"?
me: excuse me, but I AM NOT BEING "JUGGLED"
Zen: (I'm just smiling here, take it easy now. )
me: I worry that there is no greater afferdesiak than seeing someone that once loved you starting to love someone else, and if they were divorced, I probably wouldn't be thinking it
Zen: aphrodisiac?
me: ...yeah that
Zen: Right, the legal contract would keep him straight.
If only you had an Iron Clad agreement...
See if you can get him to sign something!
me: pffffttttt, you're making fun of me and I'm since there's no guarantees in life, his legal attachment to another woman doesn't matter?
Zen: I'm sure you could MAKE it matter, it seems like it's pissing you off, right?
me: Yes, but maybe I'm a drama queen
Zen: Mayhap, but everyone needs a hobby
Just remember guys are not complicated
me: Allegedly, but I'm rusty at this social drama
Exactly how are men not complicated?
because I always think they are
Zen: Most decisions can be made in under 15 minutes and they occur under the belly some where. They almost never bother with all that analyzing nonsense.
me: interesting........,
OK, zen, I gotta think about it
Zen: yes, women seem to do that alot more
me: Bliss is wasted on the ignorant
Zen: I never looked at it like that, I guess I'm not as aware as I thought.
have you seen the movie UP from pixar?
me: no, is it good
Zen: yes, you've got to see it. But it's kind of sad, definitely bittersweet
me: will it help me to understand men better?
Zen: no, not really...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Where Do You Look?

There are three different kinds of people. Those who tend to look straight ahead, those that tend to look down at the ground, and those who are always looking up.

Most people are straight ahead lookers and seem like emotionally healthy people. I don't know nothing about no straight lookers.

Ground starers are very introspective. I'm a ground looker, and I bump into shit, (people, poles, etc.) on a regular basis. Sometimes I find money. If you're telling me a story, I look down to listen. Some people look down out of bad self esteem, shyness, or depression. Not me.

In my case, it's just bad ADD combined with thinking as a hobby. If I'm not looking at the ground when you talk to me, I'd be busy interrupting you to point out the pretty colors. Right when you think I got the point, someone in the distance will steal my attention back to some story I'm making up. You know my type. If someone does that to you all the time, demand they look at the ground while you talk to them.

The rarest of people are the sky gazers. Sky gazers are always searching. Searching for more. They seem acutely aware of how small they are compared to the rest of the universe. Their ability to think "outside the box" is off the chain because no one really knows what could be.

It's the sky gazers that are the dreamers and the poets. DaVinci was a sky gazer. I will remind myself to look up more often. It's probably easier to breath anyway.