Sunday, August 28, 2011

Why does Martin Luther King Jr. look Asian?

This is a picture of the new Martin Luther King Jr. monument located in the National Mall in Washington DC.

Now, let's take a closer look, because something looks amiss. What's up with the industrial, dare I say it, cultural revolution flavor here?
Why does Martin Luther King Jr. look Asian? Frankly, he looks a lot like Mao. Something is just not right here. Who designed this crazy national monument?

This guy did. His name is Lei Yixin and he lives in China. Along with his design, came a 25 million dollar donation from the Chinese government.

CHANGSHA, China -- Inside a cavernous studio in this steamy inland city, Lei Yixin is molding clay into the shape of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Lei scrutinizes every inch of the models ... For China's artists, the selection of Lei as the lead sculptor for the project, to be unveiled in 2009 on the Mall, is a triumphant moment.
That's right, kids, we literally outsourced the creation of a national monument to China. Now we have a monument that looks like Mao in our capital. That's just fucked up.
If I were Chinese, I'd be laughing my ass off. So there you have it.


Anonymous said...

No surprise that the statue looks a little like Mao Tsetung, Paula.

The man who carved it made a name for himself in China carving huge statues of Mao that glorify that despicable villain.

Look around the internet, Paula, and you will find all sorts of evidence that the MLK Memorial Commission mishandled the construction of the memorial in many ways, some of them perhaps criminal.

Anonymous said...

The statue definitely looks Asian, with a stance like a dictator or demagogue in places like USSR. The stance and style looks just like the statues of Saddam Hussein, only it's an Oriental man. The thirty-foot height also is reminiscent of the statues of Ozimandias or Mao.

Anonymous said...

A lot like how the anglos make Jesus look like a white dude. He's from Frica, peeps.

Anonymous said...

God! How disgraceful. Dr. King didn't deserve this. The statue should have been made by an American, not by some soulvoid sculptor across the eastern hemisphere. How could this happen?

An african from Sweden.

Anonymous said...

Well, an african from china or sweden would have been preferable. I'm interested in an african from sweden. Please, sit down and tell the class all about yourself.

Mmemosyne said...

To the person who said Jesus was from Africa. Jerusalem/Israel aren't technically part of Africa, and traditionally have never been "African," just saying.

Anonymous said...

This memorial is indeed a memorial of "fisrts"! It's apalling that the memorial was outsourced to China. African American's should have rejected this hands down, and insisted that talented African American stone carvers produce it. Equally apalling is that this is the first memorial on the Capitol's mall to pay a fee for the rights. Yes, $800,000.00 paid to the King family. So sad, so sad, so sad.

Anonymous said...

Who would care about where Jesus was from? His teachings are a universal plea for us to forgive, be humble in our successes, give to the poor. Forgive us our trespasses AS WE FORGIVE THOSE WHO TRESPASS AGAINST US. Amen

Anonymous said...

MLK was part chinese u ignorant twats.